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Ohh well she finally found me!!

Af arrived this am, cd34, 3days late! Im ok about it as had tested af due date and 1day late so i knew she would show up sooner or later. I feel positive about next month as i think im ov later than i 1st thought, cd20! Im also gonna use clearblue digital ov sticks this time so this time next month ill be getting my bfp along with all you other ladies, im taking you all with me to the pregnancy forum and i wont take no for an answer! xx


  • Hi debbiemc, I'm with you!!! Got my AF on Tuesday and am feeling really positive about next month too. Fingers crossed we go into the February Forum!! Good luck and babydust!! xxx
  • Glad to hear how positively you're approaching this, I reckon next month's your month. I'm on day 4 of AF, so we'll be on a similar cycle. I shouldn't be hopeful for next month because we're not officially trying until the month after, but I know I'll have my fingers crossed anyway.
    Best of luck Debbie
  • sorry af came for u ladies! but its great that you are feeling positive!! i hope next month mekes a lot of us happy!!! hugs xxx
  • Thanks mrshopeful, sorry to hear she found you too! I feel certain ive got this ov thingy sussed now! lol. We will get our valentines babies im sure of it! Good luck to you too. xx
  • Thanks ladies, yesterday i felt really low but i gave myself a good talking too and it seems to have done the trick! lol. fingers crossed for us all xx
  • Sorry girls to hear the witch found you but it's great to see how much PMA is about image I have a good feeling for the both of you for next month as well image

  • Hey debbiemc, sorry the evil one found you! image
    glad to hear you sounding positive for next month - I'm the same as you, I think I'm ovulating a bit later than might be normal for a short cycle like I have (aveg. 24-27 days long).
    Good luck for this coming month - maybe we will be testing about the same time again!!!

    Joo xxxx
  • Aw such a shame she found you!

    Sending some good luck for next month.
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