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*New Abbreviations*

Hello everyone, i got a fab explanation form a lady in another forum the other day about what all the abbreviations on here mean (ttc- trying to conceive, bfp-big fat positive etc)

I though I might add some of my own which may be familiar to you.....

BCT - biological clock ticking
BUN - bumping uglies in the night
BIO - bun in the oven
HSIP - holy s*** i'm pregnant!
UTD - up the duff
STIWSAD -so tired i wanna sleep all day
FSD - feeling sick as a dog
CCAD - can't keep anything down
SB - sore boobs/bangers
FLLP - face looks like a pizza
IIL - interfering in laws
MILFH - mother in law from hell
NBBB - need to buy a bigger bra!
JGBT - jeans getting a bit tight
SNB - small neat bump
BGIWN - bump getting in the way now!
WMWG - where's my waist gone?
WMFG - where's my feet gone?!
CTMM - can't take much more
TIGP - think i'm gonna pop!
WTIS - which t*** invented stretchmarks?
DIH - does it hurt?
LST - like shitting a television! (thanks to claire for that one!)
MWHG - my waters have gone
FNBGDN - f*** natural birth.gimmee drugs. now.
AS - arrived safely
BLBB - boobs like bowling balls
INYD - i'm not your dummy (to be said through gritted teeth after breastfeeding for 4 hours solid!)
GOP - getting em out in public
YTGU - your turn to get up (to be said to oh with a smug grin)
SCNC - strange coloured nappy contents
DWRW - don't wannt return to work
GBBW - glad to be back at work
PHEFM - phoning home every five minutes
IE - into everything
OYOA - one year old already
AYMBJ - another? you must be joking!
WEM - worth every minute

Canyone think of any more?


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