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12 months too young for a bed???/

Sonny is a very active sleeper, he moves aorund alot & combined with his large size (very tall & stocky but not fat) means that he is nearly outgrown his cot.

He ends up waking himself in the night by headbutting the cot sides or rolling up against them & waking himself up. I have a bumper but it makes zero difference so I was thinking of either getting a single bed matress on the floor for him with pillows around to stop rolling on the floor or a single bed & bed guard.

Any thoughts? Too young?, Dangers??
Tips to help him sleep better in his cot?


  • my daughter is in a toddler bed with a bedgard and started to sleep in one when she was 17mths old but she is only now leaving 9 to 12 mths clothes so she is very small for a bed but she was up and down all nite in her cot bed and is now sleeping through the nite
  • so looks like I have the opposite problem, younger child but bigger size image

    I am liking the mattress idea at the moment to get him used to no boundaries & then start with the bed in a few more months.

    Anyone else put their lo in a bed this young?
  • 12 months does seem very young, my son is nearly 2 and still in his cot and he's average size for his age.
    maybe you could try a cotbed? they are quite a bit bigger and it'll last him until he's about 5 as you can take the sides off when he is ready. a single bed just seems so big for a 12 month old, especially as he moves around a lot. although the mattress on the floor doesn't sound too bad!
  • We bought Millie's bed from Ikea, it is extendable, starts off only a bit longer than a cot and ends up more or less single bed size. The matress comes in three bits so you can make it bigger when you extend the bed. It's also much lower than a normal bed so she can get herself in and out easily as well. Might be worth a look when you are ready for the bed.
  • i put oliver in a bed at 16m with bed guard on, he is a very active sleeper even now at 20m he still wriggles to the bottom! he has fallen out a few times and i found him asleep on the foor but other than that he has been pretty good in his big bed. i think u kinda know when they r ready hun and u could always give it a go then go back to cot if its not workin. xx
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