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sleepwear during the summer


Can someone offer some advice on this. My lo is almost 15 months now and i have been putting her to bed with a vest, pjs and a sleeping bag. I think last night she may have been too warm so i took her sleeping bag off. Is it ok to put short sleeved pjs on her in this weather or would i be better just taking her vest off and keeping everything else on. I'm so clueless with this type of thing. Any help would be appreciated


  • I normally take Milie's vest off to start with (like last night) and then if it get hotter will put her in short sleve pj's with no vest. She does have a quilt now not a sleeping bag and I know she kicks it off if she gets hot so I don't worry too much.
  • should i leave the vest off tonight, (its really warm here in glasgow) and keep the sleeping bag on or take that off as well
  • In this weather, if it is a 2.5 tog sleeping bag I would probalby put her in just a vest and sleeping bag. If it is a 1 tog bag then I would go with just pj's and the sleeping bag.
  • Thanks for that
  • i've got mine in a vest and pj pants with 2.5sleepbag, i plan on getting rid of the sleep bag during the summer though and just using blanket so that when the winter comes we can move on to a quilt =D
  • since the weather has got alot warmer, i have put Jack in a vest and light sleeping bag, he still gets quite sweaty though as his room seems to get hot, even with the window open!
  • we tried getting rid of the sleeping bag coz its too warm but she not for it. been puting her in with vest and pj's trousers like mum2,24. we also bought a new sleeping bag from tesco. it a bit lighter so she seems comfy for now.
  • We've never put a vest on our LO at night - just PJ's and a grobag. We vary the tog and sleeve length depending on the weather.
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