Blimey - look how long ive been a member for...

cant believe I have been a member for a year on sunday. image
I remember seeing this website advertised in baby mag and joined because already had lo and was thinking about trying for no.2. Didnt actually start until october so thats why this year has gone so quick.

How did everyone else find out about this site?

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  • hi fiona doesn't time fly!!!
    i found this by accident really when i was googling TTC!!
    i've been a member since feb, time really does fly as it feels like no time at all!!! except when waiting on af or BFP!!!
  • A year ago I had just moved to Berlin, and now I'm back in England! Time did fly!

    I found this site from You and Your Wedding website - I was a September bride image
  • i found it in baby mag while i was pregnant with millie, been a memeber since september 2006 didnt relise it had been that long lol x
  • I just came across it while googling ttc to. Thank god i found it becasue i wouldn't have such fab cyber ttc budies if i hadn't and i think i'd have gone mad by now!
  • I'm a googler too - thats how I found it! And I've been on here for since october I think - I'll check when I've posted!!! But have been off the pill for 15 months so feels like forever!


    Ooo it's since september - longer than I

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  • its sep for me soooooooo long i googled as we;;
  • I found this through YYW as well and came over with some of the ladies who got married around the same time so since sept 06. I had my daughter and I am now back again ttc
  • Ive been a member since sep 06 joined when expecting my lo. xx
  • I can't actually remember how I found this site, I found out I was pregnant and that same day I logged on here. I've been a member since Aug 2006, and its such a great site, you can always find an answer to a question you have
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