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which birth pool??

Hi ladies,

I'm all booked for a home birth and am hoping to have a home water birth. My midwifery team have a pool which you can borrow for the price for a liner but obviously you can't be gauranteed to have it when in labour.

So I am thinking of hiring one (really like the idea of being able to float around in it before labour especially as I'm due in August), but I don't know which on to go for... ther are so many options and i just wondered if anyone had any recommendations either for pool types or pool hire companies?

hoping you can help!
Em xxxxx


  • Hi emdt, I'm in the same situation myself, hoping to have a waterbirth at home. I'm thinking about buying one of the inflatable pools, either birthpool in a box or la bassine, I just did an internet search and they both seemed quite reasonably price, and good size etc. But I haven't spoken to anyone who has used them, so not really sure what they'll be like. Let me know if you get any recommendations or see something that looks good!
  • hi, i brought the birth pool with accessories ffrom made in water it is a la bassine one. although i didn't use it in labour as my lo made a very quick arrival and i thought i had ages so didn't set it up!. we had a practice run when it arrived and it was great i even fell asleep in it!. it is really sturdy and spacious. took about 1 1/2 hours to inflate and fill. it dropped 1 degree an hour so we topped it up with the kettle. i would recommend it even though didn't labour in it.
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