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Am about to buy these and was wondering if the pressure fit ones are any good as I don't want lots of holes in the wall? But obviously want whatever is safest!

Debbie and Joshua


  • Hi

    I've got the pressure fit ones and found them pretty secure. My LO will pull himself up on the bars and throw himself around and the gate doesn't budge at all. I feel comfortable and safe using the pressure fit. I've not used the fixed ones so I don't have anything to compare against.
  • We've had the pressure fit ones since Millie was crawling and they work really well, but the gap to walk through is quite small and they have a bar across the bottom. Also we moved house in Nov and because of the design of the stairs the pressure fit gates were slowly forcing the banister over! We have put up wall fixing ones now and they are much better, the wooden ones we've bought look nicer, open wider and don't have the bar at the bottom.
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