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20 week scan and its a .....

Boy ! I guessed right as iv been having dreams its a boy. It was such a good scan experience as went private and im so glad i did it. When she told us the sex i asked how sure she was and she said oh 100% lol.

Only thing was that it showed up possible clubfoot on his right foot so i am getting an nhs scan on wednesday to confirm it. Im not too worried though as it is simply solved these days with a plaster cast and/or surgery so it all went well.

Its funny because at 12 week scan he wouldnt wake up but this time he was hyper lol which is why i need the clubfoot checked as it may just have looked strange due to how much he moved.

Hope everyone is well xxx


  • Ahh how fab well doneimage I can't wait to be preg and then be told what sex it is. Do they only tell you at the 20 weeks scan? How many scans in total do you get if you don;t mind me asking?

  • Yey, glad all went well and like you say limb issues are easily sorted nowa days, glad little one is healthy, its such a relief isnt it!

    Joanna 30weeks 6days
  • Hi K-lou, on the NHS you usually get a 12 week scan and a 20 week one. However in edinburgh there is no 20 week scan so i had to go to a private clinic. You can apparently tell the sex from around 16 weeks so could get a private scan then if you really cant wait, but its probably best just to wait till 20 weeks as then it is more obvious. xx
  • Congrats on your blue bump.
    vikki x
  • Congratulations! Little boys are wonderful!
  • aww congratulations on your baby boy!
  • Congratulations on your baby boy news, i'm finding out by going private like i did with the last lo i had. I have to as our NHS hospital does'nt tell you. (god don't ask this will be my 4th at the same hospital). I'll be 16 weeks next week so hoping to get it done just after then. I loved it when i knew what sex i was having. I CAN'T WAIT TILL I KNOW....LOL.

  • thanks girls, ye its exciting now as i can buy all the clothes and toys etc and not have to stick to neutral! xxx
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