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hi girls dont give up hope my BFP symptoms xxx

hiya this was trying4a3rd, just wanted to post my symptoms for you all i know how much i liked looking , i concieved on the 6th month of trying and had an early loss in feb,
*my breasts were really sore usually they feel bruised before af but this time they are sore
* i began feeling very tired about 6 days before af was due but i tend to get tired around this time i am now 4 half weeks and im shattered
*this is going to sound strange but i felt my bean moving up my fallopian tube around 4 dpo on my left but even with this i didnt want to get my hopes up as ive really thought we had done it before and hadn't although id never experience this before, it was a little stabbing pain moving along
*9dpo i was getting really sharp pains around my uterus area so much i had to sit down this went on and off for 2 days i think it was the baby getting itself imbedded
*lots of af type cramps in the run up to when my af would have been due
*also a bit more cm
i feel very blessed
i hope this helps somebody tons and tons of babydust to each and everyone of you good luck dont give up xxx


  • Thankyou for that havinga3rd,i love to hear other peoples symptoms so one day i can compare them to mines(fingers crossed).Congratulations and have a happy healthy 9 mth!!imagexxxx
  • hi also things i did different this month were
    *stopped dh from taking hot showers
    *took epo to improve cm, it really worked
    *cut back on my beloved tea
    hope this helps take care babydust to all xxx
  • Thanks for those(and belated congratulations!!!!), I have had some very strange twinges/mild pains around uterine area and more cm than usual at this time so you have really boosted my PMA!!xxxxx
  • thanx girls sounds good hjanea , forgot to add this was the first month i used ovulation predictors although i think i more or less knew when i ovulated but this month i did loads and loads of bding sorry just wanted to let you all know in case i can helps you xxx

  • Thats great news congrats and thats for sharing that with us. Does EPO really work then? I am worried I did not OV this month and that i hardly have any CM so have been looking up ways to improve it for next month.

    K xx
  • yeah i would definately recommend it, it really improved i had loads this month get high strength epo best of luck hun
  • OK wicked will buy some, do you take it evey day or up till you are OV?

  • Congrats to you!!!
  • Congratulations. With your symptons listed above, did you think you were pregnant at all before you took the test? If so, which one was the one which told you.
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