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Morning ladies, losing my PMA :(

Don't know why. On my 2ww now, but I just can't think we're going to have done it. image


  • Hey honey look at it this way, there is nothing you can do now and you and your OH gave it your best shot image Thats all you can do, so as hard as it is and these two weeks we be long, just think you never know it's over till it's over image

    It might just be because it's a monday morning as well I hate those!!

    image xxxxxxxxx
  • Try to take your mind off it with something else for 2wks. You have given it your best shot and without PMA the 2ww is much more difficult. I know how hard it is hun, all you can do is hope x x good luck x x x
  • Thank you guys, I am sure I'll chin up soon, just gone and had a really unhealthy lunch to make myself feel better!!
  • Sorry to gatecrash, I have been feeling really low too for the same reason as Gemsy, and your words of wisdom also helped me. So thanks!

    Gemsy - good idea about the lunch _ I think I'll treat myself tonight!. Thanks
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