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Advice needed with feeding

Hi mums & los!

My baby is 10 days old and bottle fed from birth after he wouldnt latch on the boob! He started off having about 2oz every 3 hours or so. He slept this afternoon for about 4 hours after a 4oz bottle. He had another 4oz bottle and then just (2 hours later!) he has had another 3oz!!! (He had been sick a lot though after the 1st bottle) Is this too much? I am a bit worried about him getting fat. He was 9lb 1 and today he got weighed, he is almost back up to his birth weight. His feeding is all over the place sometimes he goes 2 hours and has 2oz other times he goes 5/6 hours (due to being asleep) and drains a 4oz bottle.

Sorry to go on, I'm just confused over how much he should have! I know it is right to demand feed but i always associate it with bf rather than ff! xxx


  • Hey i got the same problem, my daughter is 11 days old and her feeds range from 2oz to 4oz , and range from 2hrs to 4hrs between feeds , the more she take's the more likely she is to be sick, ive told midwife and she dont seem to be botherd, she got weighd the other day and she's nearly back to her birth weight and midwife said that its normal. if your worried have a chat with your midwife / health visitor , im gonna mention it to my health visitor on wednesday

    sorry if itd not much help

    Donna x
  • i always think babies are sort of like adults, sometimes you can eat hardly anything all day and still not be hungry (like me today) or you can have normal meals and be hungry an hour latre and you dont always fancy a big meal everyday somtimes you just want a little. i just went with the flo ands still do. as long as they keep gaining weight xxx
  • Hi girls, I wouldnt worry about your baba getting fat tigerlilly babies will only take how much they want and as your lo was sick it was obviously too much for him so he was only bringing back up what he didnt actually want. Going 4 hrs after a feed is fab for the first 8 weeks my little girl was feeding every 2 hrs (bf) so anything between 2 and 4 hrs is fab. Just let your lo take as much as he likes and he may be going through growth spurts sometimes and the amount of hours he goes may change during these periods. Your doing fab x
  • I had similar problems with my lo when he was about 10 days old and was told by hv that it was due to a growth spurt. He settled down after a couple of days then did it again at about 3 weeks when they have the next growth spurt.
    I don't think you are feeding him too much, some babies are a lot hungrier than others, it doesn't meen they will get fat. I find it better to look at how much a baby should be eating for their weight rather than for their age as a 10 lb baby will probably need more than a 6lb one.
    Good luck. x
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