Feeling angry, advice would be appreciated

My DH works away Mon-Fri and normally at wkend's we have a good sex life. Anyway we argued this wkend as he kept pesturing for it, even though I had explained that its best to avoid in the 1st 12 wks, especially as I have had multiple m/c's. Despite this he kept on and on until I eventually gave in just to shut him up. Anyway tonight after getting a bath I have discovered that I have thrush! I am now crapping myself and am worried sick. Is it dangerous to have thrush during pregnancy, especially in the 1st 12 wks? Also can it be treated with over the counter medicines? Your advice would help me no end. Thanks xxxxx


  • hi i have thrush ALOT and usually gets worse after sex too. dont worry its easily treated and in no way dangerous hun xxx
  • Hi hon

    I've had thrush from the beginning of this pregnancy. It's fine to use the usual creams, but I've been advised to only use the pessaries if I'm itchy inside, and not to insert it right up to the cervix as usual -just insert inside.

    As for your dh and his demanding behaviour, I personally think it's very unacceptable and he needs to start putting yours and your baby's needs first.

    Good luck honey

    17 days to go
  • Hi hun I've just got thrush for the first time ever after having sex with my husband at the weekend. I spoke to a pharmacist and she recommended using canniston when it was itchy so I've got some and it seems to be working.
    As for him pestering you, tell him where to go! Its his baby too, he should be being just as cautious as you. Tell him now until 12 weeks is up and if he doesnt like it, tough!
  • It's not dangerous ive had it loads during pregnancy... dont worry just tell you mid wife! they will give you something!

    as for being bullied into having nookie thats really not on... being in a loving relationship should me that he understands your fears even if he doesnt share them with you! xxx
  • just resort to a quick hand job..its keeps them quiet/ or tell them your doctor said no way till baby is at least 18!!!

    d x
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