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Need to rant NHS are useless.

I went to see my doctor the other day as i have been having pain in one of my legs turns out it is just a trapped nerve but having previously had DVT thought it best to check.

Anyhow whilst there i discussed with him my frustration at not being able to get pregnant again after m/c 7 months ago. He went on to tell me he would just check my blood test results after m/c.

Turns out i should have had a test straight after m/c due to having previous DVT as i may well have sticky blood. Where have they been all this time ?

If i do have sticky blood it can stop blood getting to the placenta therefore causing m/c.

I have also had a chemical m/c month before last.

I am now just awaiting my results.

The doctor has told me they can not look into doing any more tests until 12 months is up.

Bl**dy NHS.


  • Dont want to worry you but it may also be one of the factors that can possibly cause pre eclampsia. I had pe and had lo by emergency c section at 32 weeks. It would be worth speaking to your gp about this if tests do show sticky blood. If you are at high risk of pe you can be seen by a consultant who specialises in it-pre conception if you can get referred. If you look on action on pe you may be able to get a list of specialists from there or get the phone number from there and ring for a list. I do hope that you dont have sticky blood and that I havent worried you but I think its better to be forewarned and forearmed. Good luck!xx
  • Thanks for your responce like i have said the nhs are useless and would probably give me this information far too late. Thanks again will keep you updated
  • Good luck with getting your results Emzyv...
    Can't believe they just 'missed' that test!! How blinking annoying is that!!
    I've got sticky blood, they didn't do test until i had 3 m/c... although i was asking for a test after the 2nd one!!
    Hope everything goes well hun xx
  • Hi boo, What treatment are you having for it ? Have you got any children yet or are you still trying ?
  • I heard of a lady yesterday who has had 5 mc's and has now just got passed 10 weeks for the 1st time because she is taking aspirin. I don't think it is that unusual but of course you need the proper advice as you couldn't take it unless you had a need.
    Good Luck xx
  • I'm still trying for #1 image
    I was told to have 400mg folic acid, which is VERY important if you have sticky blood, and some are also told to have baby aspirin (ive got 75mg) whilst TTC, and continuing throughout the pregnancy.

    From 4/5weeks, you have to inject yourself with heprin (sp?), to aid thinning the blood.
    It is pretty common and once diagnosed, i haven't heard or read about any side effects or problems!!

    Loads of babydust and best wishes to you hun!!
  • Hi - I had a miscarriage 2 1/2 weeks ago (12 weeks pregnant but baby died at 81/2 weeks). I am going in for blood tests for sticky blood today. I demanded the tests as i have had 2 miscarriages and wanted to rule this out as i have read that it it possible responsible for up to 15-25% of miscarriages. I have also had problems with my legs since i was about 5, with aches and pains, swelling and particularly since i was pregnant, cramps, pins and needles, numbness. I have a few of the other symptoms as well and thought it better to rule this out. I know most miscarriages are un preventable, but I would at least like to rule this out. (had to put my foot down to demand the tests).

    Bex - will let you know what happens (i think it will be a week or two for the results)
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