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Mt Toddler is a NIGHTMARE around his nan

My little boy has always been very close to my mum and she loves him to bits and he gets away with murder with her, which i suppose is normal, but where do you draw the line? When my Mum is here he is absolutely horrible to me, his dad and his little sister! he hits us, wont come near me, whinges all day, and is just a general nuisance! Then when i tell him off he runs to my mother who of course comforts him which i've asked her not to do but she still does. Then when she goes home it's like a switch goes off and he's back to his normal self again! My mum hasnt long gone and today at one point i felt like telling her not to come up anymore cause it hurts me that he is so horrible and doesnt want me only her and wheni try to get near him or if my mum has the baby he gets genuinely upset! Anyone else had this kind of thing? :?


  • i sort of know what you mean, my mum wont have him hitting me, thank god she does have some boundries but she does spoil him rotten and when he gets angry with her for not buying him everything he wants in tesco i fell bad telling him off coz she causes it but spoiling him so much.( does that make sence). also i get fustrated when he asks for sweets and i say no, then when he asks her she say "mummy says no". thats really blaming me and trying not to make her self look bad. ahhhh! im the bad guy often enough.
  • my mum does that too! she says no mummy wil shout making me out to be the big monster! The hitting thing is a problem i've tried everything, i've tried shouting ignoring it-everything. My mum just says no no to him as casually as you'd ask someone for a cup of tea!
  • I think all grandparents spoil the grandkids but i don't think that should mean them getting away with bad behaviour! maybe you could get your mum to take him out then you don't have to deal with his bad behaviour and if he plays up with her i'm sure she'd soon put a stop to it!
    i have the opposite problem that my mum and brothers are way more stressed about things that i don't neccessarily consider important but he behaves himself for them when he stays and always has fun so i don't mind!
    i get my own back too - when he says can i have a comic or can i have sweets or can i go on this or whatever i always say no thats grandmas special treat that she gets you or thats granny's special time with you so you can wait until you see them again!
    have you tried taking him to a different room so 1 - he is excluded from whats going on and 2 - your mum can't interfere?
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