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When is ok 2 stop steriising?

When did u guys stop sterilising ur los bottles? My lo is nearly 7mths.. Do u think it wld be ok or shld i wait longer? X


  • i have wondered this too????
  • I put a post on about this a few weeks ago, most ladies said either 6 or 12 months, it turned out everyones hv told them different things. I've stopped sterilising now and mines 7 months he's fine xx
  • I think i will stop then.. I dont sterilise his food bits so i hope he will be ok. When i worked in nursery baby room 4 seven yrs all the time ofsted insisted up until 12mths although i guess they have 2 b extra extra careful in a nursery as my sma progress tin says 6mths!
  • i may stop at 7 months when his solid feeds are more established after all plates and spoons arnt sterile and that doesnt hurt them. i was told 1 year but midwife in hospital
  • I hate sterilising too. If you stop sterilising then what way do you wash them? Do you put them in the dishwasher or just wash them with soapy water and dry???
  • my hv told me 1 year but like rosered said...when they start putting everything in their seems pointless.
    i stopped when my lo was about 8 months. as long as you wash them in hot soapy water and make sure the teat is thoroughly clean i think its ok.
  • i will be stopping at 1
  • Mine have all been 6 months when I stopped sterilising. We have a dishwasher and as long as you rinse the bottles and teat prior to putting into the dishwasher (this will dislodge any bits of milk or powder) this is fine. By 6/7 months, most babies are mobile now and if anything like my current youngest, everything goes in their mouths anyway lol The dishwasher also washes at a hotter temp than just general hand washing.
  • ive been told by all of my hv's that it should be a untill there on cows milk for bottles due to risk of infection and bacteria growth from formula. but as for juice cups and food bowls, spoons etc it's as soon as there crawling and eating everything on the floor.

    it seem's like its personal choice really
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