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20+6 too early to issue MATB1?

Hi there

I just wondered when the midwife can issue the MATB1 form. I have an appointment with her when I will be 20+6. Do you need to be 21 weeks? Some guidance seems to suggest 20 weeks and others seem to say at least 21 weeks. My midwife appointment will only be a few days after my 20 week scan (don't know if this makes any difference). I'm want to get the form as early as possible as I could do with submitting it to my employer asap but can only get appointments with my midwife at 20+6 or 22+6.

Thanks girls! x


  • My midwife gave me mine at 24 week appointment.
  • I thought it was 26 weeks but I could be wrong....
    i definitely had mine around then as I had to get it into my employer by the 15th week before my due date....
    Sorry I can't be of more help.
    Maybe ring and see if she can write it for you and leave it at reception for you to pick up? That's what mine did as i wasn't seeing her until 28 weeks (having last seen her at 10!!?!).

    31+6. xx
  • I don't think they will give it to you until 22 weeks. Your employer doesn't need to have it until 15 weeks before you're due anyway, and you can still inform them of your dates etc, the matb1 is more to do with the pay.
  • I got mine at 19 weeks, she just asked if I wanted it now or would like it later so I just took it there and then.
  • Hi i got mine at 21 weeks, but when i was having my daughter last year didnt get it until 26 weeks. On the actual form it says
    "do not fill this in more than 20 weeks before the week when the baby is expected"
    So i dont see why you wouldnt be able to have it at 20+6.
    Katie. X
  • omg i havent even got one ! and im 31 weeks !
  • omg omg my midwife hasnt even mentioned it to me.

    Neither has my employer

    What does this mean nw?
  • I was given mine at 27 weeks. My employer is pretty flexible though and I'd already had a meeting with HR about my maternity leave before I had my MATB1 form. I just had to hand it in when I was given it as confirmation, to tidy up the paperwork! xxxx

  • I just spoke to my employer and they said they totally forgot about it as well ! Just rang my midwife and she said to get one from her when she is next around.

    Oh yeh!!! Thats helpful!!
  • Nothings a biggy when it comes to my midwife, she is sooo laid back and laxy dazy abt things, thats what annoys me !!

    ahhh neva mind im not gonna stress!

    Ive got my tour of the labour ward tonight, quite excited!!
  • Melissa1 you can get your MATB1 from your GP too.
  • I got mine at 29 weeks and even then the midwife had to check with the head midwife if she could give it to me. I'm not overly bothered though cause i've already sorted my maternity leave and i'm not due to claim my maternity pay for another 7 weeks (i'll be 38+3 when i should get it)
  • I dnt think they are actually supposed to give u a MAT b1 until u are 24wks coz that is wen the baby is officially viable, although on my certificate is says they shouldn't be issued until 14wks before the expected birth (which is 26wks). I didnt get one this time until 32wks coz i kept on forgetting (stupid pregnancy brain). Kerry xxx

  • I got mine about 22 weeks, but my GP was happy to give it to me as I'd just had my anomaly scan. In fact she said the rules had recently changed and she could give it to me from 20 weeks but they'd always wait until the scan had been performed. could it be another of these daft things that differs between health authorities??
  • I asked for mine at 16 week appointment but she said they only give them out at 22 weeks, but it seems it may be different depending on where you live xx
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