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unlatching baby from nipple...?


I have really sore nipples. Am using lansinoh (however spelt) on nipples after every feed which helps. However the last 24hrs they have been really sore...i think its cos lo is sucking well and falls asleep but is strongly still latched on. I have to pull her off which i think is what is making my nipples is the best way to get them to unlatch? Sounds silly but my sore nipples means pain when she feeds......which in turn puts me off wanting to breast feed less than 3 hrs at a time. I need time for them to recover!

Any ideas / avice most appreciated. anything to stop the pain! xxx


  • i didn't last long with breastfeeding, didn't cope well with the pain. apparently it gets better after a while but no one told me that!
    i was always told to squeeze little finger into baby's mouth to cover your nipple therefore blocking the milk flow and making baby come off the breast
    hope this helps, didn't want to read and run!
  • yeah the best way is too slide a finger in to break the suction and i have never suffered with sore nipples hope this helpsimage
  • Millie used to do this as well and the only way to get her off was to slide my littel finger into the corner of her mouth. As the others have said that breaks the suction so you can take her off without it hurting. xx
  • Hi, I suffered from sore nipples & had a blister on one (very painful) but it was my own doing at first because for the first day or so I just pulled him away to get himoff as I was shattered from the birth...big mistake, they were sore for two weeks but I kept going & always slapped Lansinoh on & it cleared eventually & I did what the others are advising - finger in the corner of bb's mouth to break the suction. I won't be so silly when I have baby no.2 due in November & I'll be using Lansinoh before I latch bb on too.
    I hope they heal soon for you.
  • Just to agree with everyone else - little finger in corner of babies mouth.
  • thanks ladies
    was told how to latch but not unlatch
    tried today and worked!
    hopefully painfree less pink nipples soon!
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