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well paige has decided to become a veggie like me (she's 9 months old).............aaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh.....i really didnt want her to be as its so difficult finding different foods that i like myself (i hate half the veggies things you can buy)......dont matter how hard i try i just cant get her to eat i've been hunting the internet looking for foods i can make that have no meat in and foods that i can hide meat in.....the only meat thing i have found she likes is chicken and apricot patties from annabel Karmel website......I took her to get weighed today cos she's been right off her food partly because of the meat issue and partly because of a chest infection and hayfever, she has only put on 2 oz in 5 weeks, HV said not to worry but to give her high protein food in the evening and continue her milk until after she's 1 yr old if she's still fussy......Has anyone else got or had the same problem? any ideas of recipes?

she loves cheese sauce and had macaroni cheese for lunch and for dinner jacket potato with baked beans and cheese.......i'm just worried too much cheese and she's get fed up with that as well

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  • Why don't you try lentils? Could boil them with tomatoes, etc and mash. High protien and tasty!
  • Hi SRM
    I did try these at the beginning but she's not overly keen on them, i used to just add them to loads of different veg's maybe now she's older i could try being a little more inventive with them maybe adding spices or something
  • hiya Lewis isn't veggie but he doen't really like meat - he would live on pasta but then saying that he loves spaghetti bolognese!
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