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Hipp organic goodnight milk drink.

Did anyone else get a free sample of hipp organic goodnight milk drink through the post? I thought they advised not to add anything to ur baby's milk nowadays? (this is a half formula half cereal drink) I am tempted to try it but wondered what anyone else thought about it?

Amy :\)


  • i haven't received anything...but if i do, i will certainly try it...anything for a possible full nights sleep!!!! my lo is 13 months now and has never gone more than 4 nights of sleeping through at a time, and them 4 nights are very rare!!!
  • In that case you'd probably try alot of things!!! lol!
  • Hi Amy

    I've been using Hipp Organic goodnight drink for the past few weeks now and my LO loves it, for me it definately worked - I had also tried the Cow and Gate one but that gave him really bad wind and made him poo immediately afterwards.

    I find that as the Hipp Organic one is quite thick, I had to make a no 3 teat slightly bigger otherwise LO got peed off with the effort, I also found that he wanted more after the 6oz so now I mix it with 2 oz of his usual Aptamil and it seems to do the trick.

    He has it at 18.30 and usually sleeps through til 6.30 where as up until giving it to him I had to do a dream feed at 10.30pm in order for him to sleep through.

  • Thats good to know thanks vicki!
  • how old are your lo's??? fins 24 weeks but when i looked in shop it says 6 months plus...??? fin has last bottle at 7.30 then wakes at 5am i'm not sure if he's hungry or just awake as i try re-plugging dummy until 6 then at 6 i give in and he comes in bed with us then usually have to feed hi within about 15mins.... so this may just keep him content in night for little bit longer! also he already has hungry baby i take it its better than this??

  • thank you - wont try it for good few weeks then xxx
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