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Had first Reflexology session last night & . . . . .

she says that the parts on my feet that correspond to womb are all puffy and swollan and also the part for overies & tubes are tender and on the left there is a grisly bit which i could feel when she was rubbing it, she says that it could be that i have some sort of blockage in tube!!!

i also got a wee row for not drinkin enough water as apperently my organs are full of toxins and she could tell me that i was struggling with IBS again cause bowel felt blocked!! - Nice - which i am but hadn't told her that!!

found it all really quite interesting and she ways that we will work on problem areas and she is sure she can help!!!

so thats me booked in for weekly appointments for mth at least!!!

it was so relaxing i fell asleep at one point!! lol

would def recommend it to any and all!!!


  • Hey D, sounds very interesting....when is your next session? How are you today?

  • It does sound interesting - hope it helps image
  • I went for reflexology once - for relaxation rather than anything else so I didn't find anything out about me. I fell asleep too and woke myself up snoring!! The shame!!!

    Glad she thinks she can help you.

  • Anything that makes you feel more relaxed when ttc has got to be good!! Hope your heading for your bfp. xxx
  • Anything that makes you feel more relaxed when ttc has got to be good!! Hope your heading for your bfp. xxx
  • next session is next wed night, its my SIL that i'm seeing, so i really trust her not to bulls**t me! she won't take any money so theres no personal gain for her really!

    i feel fine today, had really good sleep, which was needed as i just felt so heavy after it!!!

    how you today?
  • Hi danipink, i have reg relexology and its gr8. I've got my next session tonight. Now i know i'm not ovulating i'm hoping she can work on that area inparticular tonight. I feel soooo tired once i've had it done, rememeber to drink alot of water after the session to flush out the toxins. Sx
  • Hi Dani/SLOW

    I'm really interested to try this, do you mind me asking how much it costs and how long the sessions are? x
  • Hi daydreamer, my session lasts about an hour and the lady comes to my house and charges about ??20 i think. I guess different places charge different prices, i live in the country so i guess its cheaper than in cities.
  • Thanks SLOW, I'm going to look into it! x
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