where did you feel it?

hi all
im 10 weeks pg and i know its early yet but i just wanted to know what peoples experience of the first movements were? i cant remember with my son who is now 1. where did you feel the movements?
Hayley xxx


  • I felt bubbles from 14wks (i'm on number 4!) Now when i move a bit quick it's like a poke in the belly from the inside, Weird, even though it is number 4!xxxx


  • i actually felt 'bubbles at week 11, which is well ealry, then didnt feel anything for a couple of weeks. now almt every day i and feeling stuff and had jab when i moved quickly. actually last week it felt like a somersault, was hilarious. nothing like a definite kick yet tho.... just feckin ache loads!! cant wait
  • thanks girls thought i felt something last night when lying on my back which i felt just as woke but i think it was a muscle reflex it just reminded me of when last pg!!! cant wait to feel movements its great xxx
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