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6 days of light brown stuff

Im on cd 27, due tomorrow.

Since Saturday, cd22, I have had light brown stuff (started as cm, ended up af like). It has varied in volume, very light to light, to very light. The colour has got slightly darker as the days progressed, and one day it was reddy brown but still light.

Even if af turns up tomorrow, why do you think this brown stuff would last so long? The longest I have had brown stuff for before af was 4 days.

What is everyone else's experiences about brown stuff and how long it lasts for.

I haven't done a test coz I want to wait until I'm due, and couldn't bear a bfn.



  • Hi Sevans.... Ive had this a week or so before my af but it turned into a light period! Thought I was pg as I had symptons but hpt's have stated otherwise... My hcg levels are not very high tho so it may show up in a month or so... who know's?....Our bodies are rubbish sometimes aren't they?!!! ( My periods have always been v. regular so this was very weird!) Fingers crossed for us x next af due in a week and a half x
  • Gosh Lou, I totally agree. I know she is gonna come, which is why I haven't done the test yet. My periods have been very regular too. When you say you had this a week or so before af, do you mean you had it a week before af was due?
  • I had it last month too...this was my 2nd month off the pill and I had it for about 5 days before my AF actually started. I did lots of googling and it doesnt look like we are alone.
  • I have had this for the last couple of days. I have not had an af since I stopped taking the pill 6 weeks ago. I so glad that you have written those messages. I feel a bit more normal now!
  • I get this 'brown stuff' every month. Its always the first sign that af is on her way. It usually lasts 4 days and then my period starts. The month I fell pregnant I didn't get any brown stuff and it was the first thing that made me think we'd possibly done it! Unfortunately had mc since then. I have also heard of people getting a very light af when they are actually pregnant. It's all so confusing isn't it?
    I'm on cd 29 and had a very light bit of cm today that was a yellowy/brown colour so af expected in about 3 days. Boo! Hope it is good news for you. xxx
  • I normally get it for a couple of days before af, but never as early as cd22/23. So far she hasn't reared her head yet. Going into hiding tonight.
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