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Baby Massage

I start a baby massage class tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has done one and can tell me what to expect.

I'm dreading it as lo normally has a nap at the time of the class - hope she doesn't scream the place down cos she's tired!


  • i done a baby massage class with my lo.. if she is asleep they will get u to do the strokes on a doll untill she wakes up.. its is a good thing to do. my lo personally hated it but i know a few babies who loved it i mean its not for every1.. they show u some good ways of releasing trapped wind which i found very helpfull and different techniques of helping when baby is poorly like stuffy nose,cold, tummy ache etc.. let us know whatu think off it. xx
  • Ok - sounds good, especially the trapped wind techniques
  • hi, i done the baby massage class that follwed my post natal group.
    it was at my lo's sleep time too but as its relaxing for them she was fine.
    i was sooo glad i had a girl as they lay naked between your you can imagine how messy it got when the boys done a wee!!! lol
    i loved it though. we started with the feet and legs the 1st week, then feet, legs, chest and back, then added arms, then face and head as well.
    rhianna loved it and always slept so well after. its great now as she doesn't mind me putting sun cream on!!!
    i have to admit though that i haven't really carried on doing it as often as i should.
    it is good though hnny...hope you enjoy it.
  • Done 2 weeks of baby massage now. Me & lo love it. She's the only girl in the class surrounded by boys (lucky girl)!
    If you are thinking of going you must. Good to meet other mums and massage so soothing for baby
  • i am onweek two my play development lady comes to the house to teach me so i am lucky as daisy normally has a drink and a sleep straight after. i just struggle to find the time to actually do it!!!! wheneverything revolves around a three hour feed i try to have play time andsleep time preerbly in cot at some point tummy time she also has to have orange juice 3 to 4 times a day for constipation bath and bottle by 8 there just isnt the time!!!!!! also housework shoppping cooking as we all know .. It is supposed to be good for constipationand sleeping though but i am yet to seeanyevidence
  • i did baby massage just before xmas.....and Paige absolutely loved it especially doing her feet (she has a foot fetish lol) I dont do it very often now though as she is 9 months old and just doesnt want to stay still, but it really help with settling her for her day time naps and her nights sleep, I do still do her hands and feet when she's sitting in her high chair.....i would definately recommend it to my friends
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