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7 week symptoms

Hello! Just wondering how others in their 7th week of pregnancy are getting on and what symptoms you have? I've stared wearing a non wired bra in bed because my boobs are getting so big and sore! Tiredness is increasing but I'm pleased the cramps have stopped. Also seem to be getting more spots and certain smells make me feel queesy. Having occasional feelings of morning sickness but nothing too bad.
It's so exciting but all these unknown changes to your body can be quite unsettling as I don't know what to expect with it being my first! Good luck everyone! X x


  • Hi I'm 26+1 but just thought I'd say that those are all the symptoms I had at 7 weeks. The sore boobs will ease about week 10, they did for me anyway which was such a relief because they were agony! My morning sickness was terrible at 7 weeks and didnt get better until I was about 17 weeks!
  • Thanks, It's really reassuring to know that these feelings are normal. Glad to hear my boobs might stop hurting so much. I think the morning sickness could start to kick in soon tho! Good luck for your pregnancy, it's so exciting! X x
  • Same for me RedPenguin. All mine stopped at 10 weeks though and I panicked as does everyone else if it all just stops.
    I have had nothing more since!
    My boobs are still huge but am now used to them and I now have a HUGE bump and stretchmarks but that's it.
    So don't worry if it all just disappears overnight.

    Enjoy it all.

    32+2. xx
  • Thanks Mrs E, wow, you've not got long to go now! Good luck! X x
  • I know, its flying by!
    Thanks. xxx
  • I can't wait to have a huge bump but thats a long way off for me yet! My sister used a cream for 'Mums' from Neals Yard which she rubbed on her tummy every day, it definitely helped to keep the stretch marks at bay when she was pregnant. X x
  • hi im just comin on to my 7th week lol all i seem to do is slepp lol the smell off currys seem to make me feel off i hevent really had any sicknees just head aches.. it my first aswell and so excited lol
  • hi ladies i'm new here and this is my first post , i've been ttc for about 6 mths and last month dr put me on clomid as he suspected lpd so it looks like it worked for me and now i'm 17dpo and no af and yesturday i got a + blood test but it was weak positive as my beta was only 20 so has any one got a low beta and had a healthy preg.???
  • In my 7th week I was vomiting every day and wearing non-wired bras!! I'm now 16+2 sickness has stopped and I'm still wearing non wired bras :lol:
  • I'm in my 7th week. Not really any sickness but very tired and going to the toilet loads. Bb's are still a little bit sore but not too bad.

  • Hi

    my sickness all but stopped at 11 weeks, after having had it since about 4 weeks... boobs still very very sore tho at 15+4

  • Hiya, I'm in week 7 - cramps have stopped too which is nice - just got huge, sore and itchy boobs so next stop will be the maternity bras - has anyone got any recommendations about where to go for them? xx
  • im 7+5. ive had no horrible sickness fior the past 2 days now. boobs feel fine. twinges seem to of stopped. getting a few spots. still not got my appitite back to normal.
    fun and games!!!

  • im 10 weeks and although i have bouts of nausea and sometimes struggle to eat i feel not too bad at all considering i was really ill last pg. my boobs never really hurt (they never did on menstrual cycle etc anyway) they a bit bigger but nothing noticable yet! i do have heartburn terrible though and have since 6 weeks just like last time so i never leave the house without my bottle of gaviscon!!!! i admit it is a little worrying that i am not as ill as last pg but as they say every pg is different. good luck to everyone!!! xxx
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