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Help? Anyone?

Can annyone HELP ME!

Hi ladies! Sorry I've been away for so long. I've tried not to post what I'm going through - I'm one of those - if I tell ANYONE I'll jinx it - so I haven't told a soul!!!! Not even my dear OH!

I think I ov'd on day 14/15 - day 15 was ewcm - I had 2 lines on an opk - however - I peed on it - left it in the bathroom and went to pick my friend up from the airport - completely forgot about it! There were two lines and thought that was just evap lines! but then did the same thing two days later forgot about the stick and went back to it hours later and only one line - and thats the day I got the ewcm.

So fingers crossed my blood tests show I ov'd!

Then I was getting twangs, aches pains all in tummy area! I've got really sore boobs - worse in the morning than the evening! But have to take my bra off at night. And not achy - but like sunburnt if that makes sense - sore! Yet if you poke them or whatever if doesn't hurt. ???

I have also felt tired and not able to concentrate at work, I have only felt a little sick here and there! I have a bad back that comes and goes.

Then Last wednesday about a week after ewcm - I get more - the first lot was a bit rubbery - but I've had some every day since!

Now I never had these symtoms on a normal cycle (luckily I ov'd naturally once and I remember all the pains and symptoms).

So could these just all be side effects of clomid - or am I getting my hopes up?

I am on CD25 - 10 days after ov - and I tested this morning - I didn't mean to!!! I ordered a test off the internet yesterday afternoon - thinking when it arrives I'll test - that way I won't test early - thought it would get here tuesday or wednesday - it came today and I was like a mad woman possessed and poas!!!!

Can someone tell me if they have had similar symptoms whether or not on clomid - and that this really is just side effects/or normal monthly happening so I can stop thinking I'm pg!



  • What did the test say??!!!!!!! BFN or BFP???? I'm unable to help, I'm afraid, as I've not been in this situation but it does sound positive.........good luck!!


  • BFN!!!

    Thanks anyway hun - I'm just not sure!

  • Bummer!! Still early's a good sign that you've ov's though. Now it's all about the bding!!

    Have a fun weekend

  • Well I have day 28 blood tests to find out if ov'd - and hopefully get results of my day 21 tests then too! So fingers crossed!

    Oh well guess there's always next month!

    Roll on af - then can go out and get!!!

  • Didn't want to r&r. Would like to tell you I don't think your pg. But sore boobs, feeling sicky, more cm....fingers crossed! xx
  • Thanks mithical! Just had a 3 hour nap - and boobs still bloody hurt - infact more than all week! But maybe thats just a sign af is coming I don't know! I guess if I'm not pg then I'll know what to expect with clomid next month!

    Oh well I'm off out for a nice meal tonight with friend so 3 courses and a bit fat steak should!!!

    Thanks for your kind words ladies!

  • Sounds promising although I guess the clomid could give odd symptoms just because hormones are going to be higher.

    It would be great if you were preg- really hope so xxxxx
    Put those tests away now for a few days and NO cheating....
  • Thanks hun - just a game of wait and see - I'm going to try and hold off until day 31 to test now - unless of course af comes first!

    Just wish I hadn't of tested yesterday! I'm sooo impatient!

  • digging that impatience i too cannot wait for anything, hence the bfp i got at 8dpo! it can be too early for you though if your baby has implanted later after ov. Test again in couple of days. i had symptoms from 4dpo this time round so yours could be promising. hang in there and babydust, keep up the PMA.
    Filo x
  • Awww thanks hun - although I'm trying not to get my hopes up! I really thought it would have 2 lines - but guess clomid has just given me side effects!

    How are you doing anyways hun?

  • fine thanks, now 11 weeks along and nausea seems to be easing off a little. only with me 10 hours a day now not 12!!lol
    Fingers crossed and good luck
    Filo x
  • Hi G1 - well I went out last night and before we ate I was feeling sort of hungry - like a acidy stomach! I have the same thing this morning. But last night I'd eaten a load of pistachios and raisins and dried cranberries as a snack two hours before - and two slices of toast - so I shouldn't have been hungry! This morning I've only had a smoothie so I really should eat something!
    My boobs are sore - when I wear clothes it's worse - still like surn burn - you know when your skin rubs against the material its sore. Apart from that - nothing really - bit of dull aching! Could be anything - really couldn't it!

    Filo - awww sounds!!! Wish I was!!!

  • Awwww MWB, isnt it a nightmare the not knowing? I think you are doing really well. Dont worry about poas, i did it the other day as you know and then my af came the next day!!!! Grrrrr ??8.95 down the drain but not complaining coz was so glad my af decided to eventually turn up after a 125 day absence!!!!!!!
    You have no idea how much i want this to be pg and not side effects. You have been such a good friend through this nitemare that is ttc, you so deserve it!!!! You, Kim and Tracey (lane) all deserve this and i wannabe a cyber aunty image
    Love ya loads, take care and keep us posted image xxxxxxxxxxxx
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