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Coming off the pill...NEED SOME ADVICE

Hi everyone,

Im a newbie and looking for some advice. I have recently come off the pill about 7 weeks ago, i was on cilest for about 14 years. Me and my other half have decided to start trying for a baby. Im sooo excited but yet sooo confused.

I was so glad when i came across this site to realise i was not on my own and there is many of us out there with the same problem, When i took my last pill i had the withdrawl bleed but nothing since, i have taken two pg tests but both came back negative. I should be due on in the next 2 days and i have been feeling really wierd recently, my boobs are incredibly sore and tender, having constant headaches, really light headed and feeling tired all the time, Is this normal??

Can someone give me some advice??? Is anyone going through the same thing?


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  • Hi Kel and welcome to the mad world of ttc,
    Unfortunately pg symptoms are exactly the same as af symptoms. You could be very lucky and fall pg in the first month as i belive you are more fertile in the first month once you come off the pill but your body can also play horrible tricks on you and give you all the pg symptons and af shows up. Really hope you settle back into a regular cycle but be aware you may take a month or two to settle down.
    Good luck hun.
    SLOW xx
  • Hi and welcome, no advice I'm afraid but didnt want to r&r. Hope you enjoy it on here- its addictive. Good luck!xx
  • Hi

    I went 40days without AF after withdrawal bleed and had a lot of PG symptoms for 2-3wks before including sore boobs, nausea and headaches!! It may be good news for you but don't get your hopes up just in case. I was in your position and kept getting BFN's too. I wason the pill for 10 years

    good luck though and welcome!!

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  • Welcome kellywish, i hope u aint here for too long and get ur BFP real soon. Its very very difficult not to symptom spot,every month i convince myself something feels different than the month before! Relax and try to enjoy the trying imagexxx
  • Hi Kel

    My wee story might give you some help... I came off pill 4 weeks ago, had my usual period, then didnt go back on pill and got my BFP today! I was on Loestrin for 8 years solid, so came off last month thinking it might take a long time to fall preg, but obv that didnt happen and i mustve fell straight away. I know i am one of the lucky ones and it can take a wee while for some girlies. I am so chuffed. I did a test 2 weeks ago as i had the symptoms, really sore boobs, needing to pee all the time, really tired, crampy tummy etc etc but it was negative (now realise it mustve been too early to tell). Doc says a test wont show your'e preg til ur 4 weeks gone, so i mustve fallen within 1st week, mad eh?
    Good luck with TTC and i really believe in whats meant for you wont go past u!

    Take Care
    Sharon xx
  • Hi girls, thank you so much for the above its good to hear from people that are / or have been through what i am now. Makes you wonder why we put ourselves with going on the pill in the first place - what a mind game! xx Ill keep my fingers crossed and keep enjoying trying! Its so nice to have something like this where you have someone to turn to who understands what you are going through.

    thanks girls xxxx
  • Congratulations sharon! 1 week - you are lucky!! Im so happy for you. ill keep you posted if anything changes, fingers crossed hey xxx
  • Welcome kellywish. Wanted to say hi, I agree with the above advice. xx
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