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first ov after mc?

Sorry to post this on ttc forum, but need some advice. When is ov most likely to take place after mc? Do I have to wait for spotting to stop entierly, or would it be counting down from when heavy bleeding stopped?

Also, would there still be the usual ov signs such as cramps and ewcm? If anyone could advise on this I would be grateful. I have googled it but cant find anything relevant. xxx


  • hia
    i had a mmc in feb. i ov'd exactly 4 weeks to the day I lost the baby and my af came another 2 weeks later.
    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks for your help Luc, and very sorry for your loss. xx

    Did you get your usual signs or were you using opk's? I am not going to be 'trying' as such, just go with the flow, but am thinking it might be useful to have an idea of ov incase Im lucky enough to get pg. And it might just help to time the 'flow'! lol! xx
  • I ov'd 3 weeks after my first mc, and on my usual day 16 after my second. I think af should arrive 2 weeks after ov, regardless of when you ovulate. Take care xx
  • I ov 3 wks after my last mc so working on it being the same this time...can i ask a q for any of u girlies that had a natural mc? How long did it take for your nausea and boob aching to go, mines getting worse, my levels where tested last wk and theyd dropped by half so i know theyve dropped....its just worrying me.....image
  • I think i ovutated on my day 21/22 after my m/c last month, can't be sure of course but I had ewcm, and ov pain the day before. It's a bit scary because you do think "could i be pregnant this month?" I've found it very hard because I would be over the moon if I am, but very frightened at the same time. It's horrid not knowing when your late - i'm on day 31 of my cycle now, and usually i'm like clockwork at 28 days. Obviously this month is very different to normal so I will just have to be patient.
  • Thanx for your replies ladies, I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens as it varies so much. Will just keep an eye open for any signs.

    woomummy, the tenderness in my boobs had actually disappeared b4 the scan confirmed the mc. They stopped hurting about a week or so b4 the spotting started. however, I still felt nauseous with certain smells and foods for about a week or so after mc. Its only the past couple of days or so that I have felt that all 'symptoms' have gone. I have read that cycle does not return until hormone levels reach zero, so Im expecting a delay. hth xx
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