She got me

:cry: AF has arrived, making this last cycle only 23 days, the one before was really short too. Should I be worried about my cycle being this length?

I am gutted. I think I'm definately going to have to get my ov. sticks this month, I've given up trying to second guess my body.


  • she got me too - 4 days early on Sunday night/Monday wasnt due til thurs/fri
  • do you know when you ov'd?
    its the Luthel phase (days after ov) thats important so if its ok then theres no need to worry about a short cycle.
    i would double check as i'm no expert but i'm sure it needs to be at least 10 days+

    hope this helps!!
  • I would think it is quite good having a short cycle as you get to ovulate more often!! Therefore you have more chances to get it right and get your BFP!!


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