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advice nedded

Hi everyone
My last af was around the beginning of march, not normally at the beginning of a month but had been on the pill, so thought this may effect it, came off it in Dec.

Well it got to beginning of April and thought i would do a test, well i did two and they were both neg!
Got to the 16th april and i did a cbd and it flashed up PREGNANT!!! Me and my husband were so happy as it would have been my father in laws b'day, he sadly passed away last summer.

Well went to the docs and he said my due date would be 6 dec.

Went for my 12 week scan last friday and they said it was only measuring only 5 and a half weeks!!! they said if i was sure about my dates then it looks like it stopped growing 6 weeks ago! but i have had no pain or bleeding. Going for another scan this friday to see if anything has happened.
Im just wondering if it possible that my dates are that far out, because the cbd was nearly 6 weeks ago now.

Im so confused and im so sorry for waffling on, i just feel like im going mad!!!

Amber xx xx :\)


  • hang in there hun, really hoping that dates are out this ones just a bit early. fingers crossed and thinking of you.
    Filo x
  • Hi Filo
    Thanks, i dont want to keep going on about it and driving everyone mad!! lol
    Amber xx xx
  • not mad just anxious and thats normal. no way of knowing til friday but we can all pray or keep fingers crossed for you anyways. take care
    Filo x
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