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Indiana Jones

haha i just tookmy daughter to see the new indiana jones film and every time there was a loud noise my bump nearly shot up through my mouth. i got the giggles, pooor baby i bet he wondered what the hell was going on. crazy pregnant lady strikes again haha.


  • My 10 year old went with his Dad at the weekend and moaned when he got back that it was not all its cracked up to be, in fact he said 'if you go mum don't get your hopes up its nowhere near as good as the first ones!' well that told me!

    Dont think George lucas or Stepen Speilburg will use my son for advertising
  • it was fab! if you liked the others then you'l like this one, theres a few nice surprises in it too. xxx
  • i saw it at the weekend and like artygal thought it was FAB!
    lol bumps do funny things :lol: xxx

  • I saw it at the weekend too and couldnt believe how loud it was! My poor bubba was all over the place..the ice blast drink probably didnt help much though lol.
  • Hi...
    I saw this yesterday-my bump went mad too!! It was nice because it was the first time my dh really got to feel her moving!!
    I really enjoyed the film and the kids loved it-but it was so loud!!
    Lydia xx

  • I saw this with my OH and i thought it was good but some parts where trying a little to hard. over all was good.

    i wont give the plot away dont worry
  • I'm going to watch it tonight.
    It'll fun to feel little one jump aslong as it isnt too much. lol.

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