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Any 1 got pregnant with rod in arm ??????????????

Hi, my baby is 8 months now,
I had rod in my arm when he was 2 month old, been having periods ok, But im late now 6 week late
I just woundered if any 1 had got pregnant with this in arm, I hope im not & its just a mistake as i wouldnt know what id do

How safe is the rod in arm?
Please help
thanks xxx :\?


  • hi, no i done nothing yet, im scared, may sound silly,
    i thought the implant was 100%
    thanks, i will have 2 get test
  • Hey, I had the rod in my arm for 3 years, was having unprotected sex regularly with my partner. When the three years were up we decided to have it taken out and try for a baby, we dint concieve until it was out for three months. its 98.2% effective. very unlikely that u r pregnant but i would check to be on the safe side hun. Hope it all goes ok. Becibo 35+2 xx
  • i will have 2 nip 2 asda & get 1, cant get 2day though as im off 2 dentist, if any1 sees me buying 1, god knows wot they will think of me, my body just getting back 2 normal, i do want more kids but not yet, i want 2 give my little boy everything i can, i dnt know how i would cope, cheers xx
  • Dont worry to much wot other ppl think hun, who r they to judge u!chin up n member everythin happens for a reason its just difficult to see that at the time xx
  • thanks, so ur saying ur certain i cant b pegnant?
    As i wasnt preg wen i had it in
    cheers xx
  • Have u done a test hun to put ur mind at rest?xx
  • ok, thanks not done no test as im scared, just hoping i will come on, i no im gonna have 2 go & get test though x
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  • sorry to say this but i know of about 5 ppl who had this rod an got prego with it :S i dont know if i was you ill TEST an see thats the only wway to know 

  • Hay hun im also on rod and my periods have now stopped i wouldnt worry.. I have tried all contriception and this seems to be the best. Get a test if your worried, but my last baby i was 3months pregnant and the tests all said i wasnt pregnant was only till doc did blood test it come back i was expecting pop and see your gp xx hope this helps xx

  • hiya my mate as got the rod n she as ad it in for 9 months asnt ad any periods but yesturday she started n her belly is real hard n she thinks she is pergnant she as done a test but the lines r weak what would u say xx

  • Hello , i know this is irrelevant but i was wondering what happens if you are already pregnant and get the rod? will it do any harm?

  • i wanted to look at this thread as my cousins girlfriend  is claiming to be pregnant on the rod and i think it's stupid as the chances are slim to none, they are both 15 and living in care and it makes me so angry as me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 6 years ive had more operations than i can count we have lost a baby and we are going through ivf which had been an emotional and painfull exterience so i dont mean to sound nasty but if you are pregnant thank your lucky stars that your body can get pregnant on its own because some of us have to fight hard for years and years to have the pleasure of a positive test

  • Hi hun, my periods were all over the place with the implant. For a few months I was having a period every two weeks (very light for a couple of days) and then they stopped altogether for a few months. Partner and I didn't use any other contraceptives while I had it in, so it was fine for us, but I do know someone who got pregnant with the implant in (think it was coming to the end of the 3 years though). Hope you get the result you want xx

  • Its very unlikely to get pregnant on implant, obviously nothing is 100% but I think this method is the best for preventing it. I had the implant for 4 years and never got pregnant and even after i had it removed it took 6 months-ish before we conceived. 

    Also, the implant can completely mess up your periods, I went nearly a year without one while I has the implant in and quite often I would go at least 4-6 months without a period, so that is probably what is happening to you now.

  • ive got the rod and have had it since january this year but ive recently noticed my stomache has gotten a bit bigger and a tad hard, i also have irregular periods i get the usually every three months and my boobs were really sore for about four days.. any suggestions?


  • i got the rod in i have not had my periods for 2 weeks my partner said that i might be pregnant but i not sure i am pregnant or not i still get morning sickness some times day sicknesss what would it be please help

  • Hi, 

    Ive been on the rod for over a year now, suddenly ive started to get the symptons of pregnancy, headaches, bloated, sore boobs ect and keep bleeding after sex or just during the day, it comes on and off.

    I was just wondering if anyone could help.
    My doctor told me when I got it in that I wouldn't fall pregnant  

  • Been reading through as I have had the implant for almost 3 years. Its due out in January. I swear blind im pregnant but cant get a positive test. I have two children already, didnt get a postive test until I was 3 months pregnant with my first child but got a positive straight away with my second child. Both times I knew 100% that I was pregnant, I could feel that I was. Strange to say, but I just knew. I feel the same now, completely. However, I'm on new medications for recently being diagnosed for BiPolar and don't know whether my body is changing from that. I should add, I actually bleed ALL the time. I'm one of the unlucky ones who cant stop bleeding without using the pill (as well as having the implant). I've bled constantly my entire menstrual life, the only times I stopped was after about 3 months of being pregnant. I've not had a period for 2 months and have gained weight. I'm a tiny size 8 so for me to have this much weight on my stomach is worrying me. I realise the sensitivity to the words that may follow but...being pregnant would be very difficult for me right now due to my mental health. I mean no offense to anyone by saying this. I am doubled up on contraception but my bodys telling me everything it always has about being pregnant. How can I prove one way or the other ASAP? Very worried image

  • I didn't know if I'm pregnant with the rod in my arm but I'm gave symptoms of a preganency don't know wat to do some one please help me ASAP..very worried...
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