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crampy pains started today :(

hi all,
af not due until monday, but getting mild crampy pains already, just know it is a bfn, so have booked smear test for tomorrow, absolutely HATE having them done, last one really hurt. I know it's not about TTC, but any suggestions on how to keep calm?

Much love, chocolate cake xx:cry:


  • A nice nurse helps! Mine always has a childish picture on the ceiling for me to gaze into while she's busy down there!
    Failing that just come up with a good day dream. Hope it goes ok. x
  • Really concentrating on your breathing is one way. Nice big slow breaths, and I say in/out at the same time in my head. HTH. xx
  • Thanks guys,
    Have been finding it all abit hard since mmc and erpc, just abit fed up at being poked and prodded!
  • Oh another thing along the line of the day dream, is if for example you think of somewhere you were really relaxed and happy. If beach, you imaging the sea lapping gently on sand. If trees there, imagine the wind gently waving the branches.

    Let us know if anything helped. Good luck. xx
  • well ladies, thought i would let you know how it went....
    Ended up nearly crying when she asked if i was using contraception, said no because we are trying for a baby, she then asked about my cycle and nearly cracked, said they have been all over the place since mmc and erpc op. anyway, did the deep breathes in and out and said 'in' and 'out' and it was the easiest smear i have ever had! am not saying it didn't hurt, cos it did abit, but now as much as i thought. Thanks again for your support, i suppose i am abit of a prude when it comes to getting body bits out!
  • Ahh I am so pleased to hear it went well honey.

    I am right with you with the ol cramps comng. i have no clue when i am due on first AF since coming off the pill but i have been getting cramps for the last few days and I am bored with them already!!

    K xxx
  • Really glad it helped chocolate cake. xx
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