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back to back induced labour!! with no waters!

hi, some off you may know im being induced tomorow! im so scared! also just found out baby is back to back! my mw has told me to consider a epidural. im terrified of needles and hate the thought of one, has anybody had one? and does it hurt when its going in? i really need advice im going crazy im so scared. xxxx


  • i had my daughter 18mths ago and she was back to back was quite painfull but i managed it without an epidural think it hurt more cause she was 4 wks prem so was stuck on the bed on a monitor
  • From what I can remember (was nearly 8 yrs ago now) the stingiest bit was when the anaesthetised the area prior to putting in the epi! Lots of pushing and pressure and I did feel the stuff being injected initially but after about 15 mins I was as right as rain and cud feel some of the pressure of contractions but not the pains! My baby was also back2back which was why I needed one.

    Good luck tomorrow!!! xx
  • My baby was back to back but I didnt feel the back pain at all, the contractions were all in my front but they were very painful. When you start feeling the contractions you will beg for an epidural and honestly - you will hardly feel it! It is fantastic cos as Mummyx5 says it takes away the pain...
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