I like asking this one??

Well I'm meant to be working from home, but so far have spent 45 mins on here... what should you REALLY be doing? x


  • The ironing, the painting, the garden, letting the rabbit out of his hutch, feeding the cat, walking the dog, cleaning the car, putting a load of washing on, cleaning the windows............... (and so on into infinity! lol!!) xxx
  • working................i keep having to delete my history of websites
  • I supposed to be writing an article. Deadline lunch time. Words written: 245. Words needed: 1,000....

    Time to get off this website!
  • Do you think we could be a teeny bit addicted to this site?
  • Yes! Its because I want to hear what symptoms other people think are indicating ov or BFP; and also, it seems (oddly) more like I've conceive if I'm doing something like this!
  • I like your thinking on that one!! Prehaps we should start a group up like the aa or something - albeit I think we have lots of little topics like that anyway. I just like knowing what everyone else is up to
  • Me too. I think it gives us all hope!

    And I love how people here have no qualms about discussing the state of their cervix or the throb in their nipples - things, frankly, that cannot be said in polite company.

    So Taffygirl - what stage of the ttc bit are you? I've been trying for (hastily opens diary) for about two months; no AF since 12th April, but got bfn when I tested on 20th May and am determined not to test again until I have something to make me think I'm pregnant. Like throwing up. Or sore breasts. Or anything!
  • Umm... unofficially about 18 months. I have 2 lo's already. Had 2 mc's one after the other last year. Last month had a CD71 with loads of BFN's and a blood test. So this month is probably our 1st proper month of trying. Don't think it's gone well to be honest. I did a cheap poundland poas on tuesday which was a bfn - don't think i did it right and would have been too early. Managed to catch really early with the other 2, but i've heard that it's hardier to conceive after c-sections and both of mine were! - oh god another idea for a thread!! xx
  • gosh if i could access this site at work i would never get anything done!

    i should be getting dressed/eating breakfast lol. going back to work tomorrow i think.

  • So sorry to hear about the mc's - that sounds incredibly tough. Well done for trying again though.

    I do love that you sort of blame the cheapy tests for the BFN. My husband does the same: he reckons its because I bought the tests from Asda that I'm not pregnant yet...!

    Good luck with ttc though.
  • It's true that there is definite differences in the standard of tests! Plus I was doing in a public toilets - so hubby wouldn't find out and it was hard because they are not in a case or anything - honest!!

    Mrs_e ood luck if you go back tomorrow - I would just relax and chill out today the weather is even quite nice here at the moment. Plus pj's are the new fashion in the houses these days lol xx
  • Is there really a difference? Which are best then? (assuming not Poundland or Asda) Are some just more sensitive than others?
  • Apparently your standard ones, such as the supermarket own brands tend to allow you to test at 25hcg in your urine, whilst ones like first response (never had any joy personally with this one) are at around 10hcg - I think. But then you have to allow for your own flutuating levels. With my 2nd tested 1st response on the monday - bfn had blood test on the tuesday 67hcg (it doubles every 48 hours in a normal pregnancy) - so I was confused with the hpt on that one.

    Most people swear by the cbd as you can't misinterpret the result but I think the hcg level is higher than in a normal cb.
  • What is CBD please?

    I might try a non-Asda one if I get any sign of pregnancy apart from no AF.
  • Sorry clearblue digital. Apparently sainsbury's own brand are quite good according to some of the girlies on here.
  • I'm supposed to be writing about wine!!!

    What sort of article are you writing Flush 30? Are you a writer too?

  • wine..... ooohhhh...... is it nice wine?? One that we should be trying (or not as we're ttc) x
  • Squidlersimons - wine sounds fun to be writing about. I am a writer too, but I am writing copy for a booklet to go with an iron and it isn't any fun. I haven't used an iron since 2002, and even now I can remember how loathsome it was.

    I might try the Sainsbury one or the Clear Blue one. But only - desperate bid for discipline - when I have a reason to think I am pregnant.
  • Flush - I admire you for holding out (i lie and say I will but do sneaky tests) -- an iron booklet are you kidding? x
  • I wish I was joking. Have written, and I kid you not, five bloody chapters so far. Gruesome.

    Holding out is so hard though! I am trying so so so so hard not to think about it. And not to tempt fate by testing again until there is a reason to. But it is not easy. Luckily, I live in a village so there is no chance of impulse buying a test.

    Although I have felt sick every day at about 11 o'clock for the last week. Surely a bit late in the day for morning sickness? Probably just a combination of hunger and wishful thinking!
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