EWCM more than once in a month?

Hi all

A nice EWCM question for tea break...

Yesterday I noticed I had some EWCM for the first time since I came off Dianette Pill back in Sept 2007. Though I've had regular AFs and have been ovulating according to my OV predictor tests, I've never had EWCM and was getting worried that's why I hadn't got a BFP

Only problem is - I'm not due to ovulate till tmw!!! And the EWCM has gone this morning! Will it come back? Is it common to have it at the wrong time of the month?!

Cheers for your help all!



  • Hi squidlersimons, I don't know the absolute answer to this but you may have ov's earlier than usual this month for one, or some people can ov more than once in a cycle but they tend to be some time apart rather than just a day or two.

    If I was you I would get bding now to take advantage of yesterday and tomorrow!!

  • hi, ewcm can appear 2-5 days before ov, its kind of a sign that its going to happen. The younger you are the more you are likely to have, and for longer too (apparently!) If you had it yesterday, then that is on schedule for ov tomorrow. Not sure why it would disappear, but could be something to do with the fact that this is your first lot since the pill, and may settle down and become more regular. good luck and get bd'g!! xx
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