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Are bumbo seats any good?

Has anyone got a Bumbo seat or something similar?

My lo is 19 weeks & can sit with support and her head control isn't too bad. I've started to prop her on the sofa with cushions but she ends up sliding down. Was wondering if a Bumbo seat would be a good idea.

Am trying to help her sit as much as I can, also her head a bit flat at the back & can't keep doing tummy time all the time as she can only stand short stints at this.

Any tips & help appreciated ta xx :\)


  • i got one for harri and although i posted on here a while ago saying he loved it well that didnt last and now h8s it and shity toysrus wont take it back even tho i have box and reciept! xxx
  • do you wanna buy mine? lol ??
  • I've still got money on gift card from Mothercare, but thanks for the offer xx
  • Tegan loves hers and we have got alot of use out of it, i would defo recommend buying one especially if u plan on having more children as they are quite expensive for what they are x
  • true. perhaps ill keep mine for the
  • Hmm I convinced myself that son loved it but actually only tolerates it for a few minutes and then only if I am entertaining him then he cries and arches his back so much I am scared he will get out of it! Another shed load of money spent!! Sure if I have a second baby there will be none of this!
  • my son hates his...waste of money!
  • Thanks for all your replies. I like asking about products on this site cos you get some good honest answers!

    Have decided to buy one - I suppose you don't know if they like it until you try. Ordered a blue one from John as got offer on for free delivery. Got a lil' girl but she wont mind having a blue one - I'm sure I don't.

    If she doens't like it will either save for next lo, or ebay it! xx
  • Lily loves her bumbo - though she has managed to work herself out of it 3 times now! Luckily it's been on the lounge carpet each time and she just finds it funny. If LO tolerates it they're also great for feeding in, until LO can sit unaided in a high chair.
  • Violet doesn't seem to like hers, she arches her back and shouts! I keep meaing to get one of the trays for it to see if that helps! Also wish I hadn't bought the pink one though!
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