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really worried, please advise...

My Baby's just been diagnosed as being lactose intolerant. I find this so hard to believe but everything's making sense now. I thought it was bad reflux all this time.. Anyway, I'm mainly breastfeeding him with the occassional top up. I am going to see the doc about this, but right now he's just told me to change nothing. I'm not at all keen on soy milk. Does anyone have any experience and / or advice on what to do, formulas to try, etc. Am really worried... My daughter, who's now four, loves milk so much - I never thought of lactose intolerance as a possibility in my baby boy!

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  • Sorry I don't have personal experience of this but think there's a formula which gp can prescribe for lactose intolerance,and it's not a soya milk. Can't remember too much about it but it's worth asking your doc, or maybe some of the mums on here will have heard about it.

    It's good that you've found out what was wrong with your little boy, hopefully he'll start feeling better soon.

  • Thanks.. image

    Really hope so...
  • Hi, my gp tried my lo on Enfamil Lacto-free milk whilst trying to determine whether she had reflux or not. She does have reflux but we did try the lacto-free stuff and it was fine to mix etc. Good luck!
  • I did buy that today... am going to try a feed with it tom. Thanks...
  • My son is dairy intolerant (not lactose) so not quite the same thing but we were exatly the same as you. He got diagnosed with reflux as he was so sicky but we weren't convinced as he was never sick laying down etc etc. Anyway once we discovered he was allergic to dairy it made sense that because I was eating lots of dairy & breastfeeding, this was probably the reason.
    I now drink soy or rice milk and use this in his food etc but we have just been advised to use a soy based formula for his food etc instead such as Infasoy, Farleys Soy or Wysoy.
    If he is on solids, the alpro soya yogurts are good, I eat these too.

    It is a bit of a pain and hopefully your bab will grow out of it but if you can try some alternatives hopefully it will help his sickiness.
    Apparently this kind of thing is becoming a lot more common so hopefully some more (even better) alternatives might come on the market in the near future.

    Good luck hun and hope things improve soon xx
  • If it works you can get it on prescription x
  • Hi my lo has lactose intollerance and is prescribed a formula called nutramigen which was like a miracle cure for us.
    We also see a nutritionist and will be starting to introduce some dairy at about 12 months to see how things go, most babies will grow out of lactose intollerance after about 1 year.
  • Thanks so much for all your advice... Really hope he outgrows it at one.. Thanks.
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