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Hi everyone.. Thomas is now 9 weeks old, and im very sick of still being fat, and having this awful flabby spare tyre left over.
I had a c-section, so havnt really been fit enough to exercise, but now i feel up to it i wondered what your best exercise tips were to beat this bulge!
What did you find was best to shift it? I want my body back into a half decent state asap, andget down a dress size.
Any tips and success stories welcome.
caz xx


  • hasnt anyone at all got any tips??
    or are you all lucky and dont have a spare tyre left over????
    all very lucky.. makes me sad.. I WANT RID OF MY JELLY BELLY>>>>> PLEASE HELP> lol xx
  • no tips im afraid, its been 7 months and ive still got 1 stone and 1 pound to shift..... if anyone does have any tips then please do share with us!! x
  • im looking for tips on this one too! I want a fkatter and less flabby tummy!

    thinking of going swimming when im motivated lol! thinking of getting back into routine of doing daily form of exercise/toning lol! bot sure when u cando these having had a c-section tho. xxx
  • I would like to recommend the sickness bug thats going around at the moment. I was sick for days and still don't really have an appetite but I do now have a flat stomach...every cloud has a silver lining!

    On a more serious note, a bit of power walking and cutting out carbs for a couple of weeks usually does the trick
  • Hi, I had a c-section 5 months ago and back to normal weight and shape except the 'spare tyre'!

    I've been going swimming with Henry and walking everywhere with the buggy very fast!! I did have some exercises from the midwife where you lie on your side and breathe in and when you do squeeze your pelvic floor and suck your tummy in for 5 seconds. Think you're supposed to repeat it 5 times in morning and evening. I so haven't done them though- can't be bothered but will be starting again now - belly doesn't match the rest of me!

    go easy though, I didn't feel up to exercising until recently - felt too weak in the tummy area!

    Good luck with your spare tyre quest!

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