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Just for fun - Where are you now?

Just wondering where you all are when you come to chat on here?

I am sat in our front room with my laptop on a little portable table. Oh is sat on the couch next to me watching tv.
He's always amazed at how much time I can waste on here just reading dozens of posts ....thinks I'm quite sad these days! lol


  • im sat in the arm chair with laptop on the arm looking at my dad and my son asleep together on other chair so cute! we have some of those portable tables too! xxx
  • I am sat on the sofa with my laptop hoping that Neve stays asleep until the morning after her dreamfeed.
  • Sitting on the sofa with laptop watching lo in his cradle swing...4 hours he's been asleep now! Guess who's going to be up all night? I can't wake him either as hes only 3 weeks old and its mean! Lol. I kept him in there cos wanted him to wake up with the noise so I could give him a bath but no such luck, looks like will have to transfer him to moses soon! xxx

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  • im sat in the dinning room at the computer desk but may switch to the laptop and go in the living room as the light bulb needs changing through here and its getting very dark. Tegan is sleeping in the living room lying on her daddy while he plays computer games x
  • I'm in my dining room. My laptop battery isn't very good, by the time I got it set up on my lap I'd need to find a socket close enough that the dog won't pull on. My lo is asleep in his cot and my husband is working away, he is probably in bed now after seeing an emergency dentist earlier.
  • am in my living room sitting at the computer, am not fancy enough to have a lap top lol - lo is in bed, dog lying on couch tv on some shit and oh is in denmark xx
  • Im sitting on my sofa with my laptop on my lap, TV is on but not really watching it. LO is in bed and my OH is at his mates playing poker, its nice to get time to myself.
  • I'm laying on my bed, on the 2nd floor, (love wireless networking hehe) watching Charmed and my dh is here too, playing poker on his laptop.
  • I am sitting on the sofa with the laptop on my knee and my husband is playing xbox 360 trying to up his gamer points.
  • haha sat on the toilet...that was on the homepage...worried me for a second then :P x
  • im sat in the living room with laptop on lap enjoying the peace and quiet whilst jayden watches lazytown!!
  • I'm at work. I always have my breakfast at work so will come on here while I eat before getting started on things.
  • Im sat on sofa whilst lo is watching Cbeebies! Oh the wonders of kids tv! OH is at work. xx
  • laptop on computer desk in living room with the kids causing mayhem behind me! sitting in pj's eating teacakes, yummy =D
  • In living room on PC - oh in bed (he works nights) and lo on play mat in front of me. I don't think he even knows i'm here so i thought i'd come on here and read a few posts!! image
  • I'm on sofa with laptop to my right and lo on my lap, while the boys watch Milkshake, for some reason?! usually cbeebies!
    Have to type one handed on a laptop with 2 keys missing 'i' and 'o' just to make things interesting!
    Hubby about to be woken up (on hols and went out last nt so nice head for him he he!) Come on kids, let's wake daddy up!
  • I'mon the sofa with the laptop in front of me on a kickstool, watching GMTV, lo is in her jumparoo, but I can tell she's getting ready for her morning snooze.
  • Im on the sofa with laptop on a portable table also, dh in bed ds on the floor causing havoc dd shouting at ds as he is changing the sky over and she is trying to watch spongebob square pants, its mad in here and its only 9 oclock roll on monday when shes back at school lol
    vikki xx

  • Have to type one handed on a laptop with 2 keys missing 'i' and 'o' just to make things interesting!

    think we need a poll of how many buttons we have missing :lol:
    dp spent last night reattatching ours so 0 atm! but yesterday had about 12 buttons pulled off image i nearly had a heart attack!! :lol:
  • lol. i am sat in the living room on my puffy right in front of the tv. Laptop is supposed to be wireless but i have to have the lead in to the rooter for some reason! xx
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