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hi im new and 36 week dpregnant


  • i had steroid injections at 33 weeks as i had serious infection in the blood and they thought he may come early, i have been having period like pains for about a week now when i wake up and throughout the night some nights are stronger then thers, my discharge (sorry) hass been more and thicker and i had nesting a few weeks ago now i cant be bothered to do anything, feel so tired..does it sound like labour could be close???xx my mum had all her babies 3 weeks early if this helps xx
  • Hey

    Not really sure if its signs but im having similar and ive got 8 days to go! I'd say just monitor yourself and any worries go straight to the hospital, are you having any braxton hicks??? If he does come early dont worry he will be well looked after

  • hey, i dont have any experience of this but just wanted to say welcome to the site!! image x
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