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AF signs gone and gave in to temptation!!!

Well guys, all my af symptoms have suddenly stopped, I am now on CD27 and gave in to temptation this morning and tested, it was a BFN but it wasn't a first response test it was just a cheap 1 minute one! This is driving me crazy, I keep trying to convince myself that i'm not pregnant but deep down i'm hanging on to the hope, especially now af signs have gone completely. Went shopping last night to Asda and lietrally EVERYONE in there seemed to be pregnant or pushing a pram and I nearly burst into tears, I really need to get a grip!!!!!!! x


  • oh honey I thought you were the same day as me? I am on CD28 today and 14DPO. I am just like you i have had no cramps so far today and my boobs are not that sore i have had no head no spots nothing, and i have CM still a lot not loads and it's not as thick as it was it;s like lotion??

    It's driving me mad to i know deep down i am not preg just want AF to show up.

    Whats signs have you had ?

  • I've had really bad cramps on and off and sore boobs and also really bad mood swings, like wanted to cry one minute and being really angry the next x
  • I keep telling myself im not pregnant then if I am it will be a complete surprise lol
    Ive got sore boobs, spots (which I never have) went really light headed earlier but got no cramps.
    I know what you mean when you say it does your head in lol
  • I have had that I watched sex and the city on tv a few days ago and cried three times!!!!! I was at work watching sky news and they were talking about the stabbings and i nearly cried listening to a mother's story.

    i have been a moody cow as well snapping and causing fights with hubby so I thought that all meant AF was surly on the way!

  • Oh I forgot to say yestreday afternoon I had this wave of feeling sick that lasted about an hour x
  • I hate this waiting time it really is killing me I would just rather know either way???

    i have been boiling as well I don;t take my temp but i am normally always hot?

  • Yeah same here, in a morning i've been walking out of the house in just a t-shirt and carrying my coat because i've been boiling when I am actually known for being the coldest person in the world ha ha!! What the hell is happening to our bodies K??? x
  • I have no idea?? I think just befor eyou are due on your temp gets high right? I do not think it is a sign of preg?

  • I don't know to be honest, my temp never went up before I was due when I was on the pill and I can't remember what my periods where like before that x
  • It's a bloody pain in the neck I tell you this TTC lark!!!

    I have a had a little pain on my right hand side for the last few days and it's only just strated up again though I think i Ov this month from the left as that is where my dull pain was??

    i wish i could just look inside my body!! Though that would be a bit werid actually!

  • Just to give you a bit of hope, I have never got a bfp on a test til 4 days after af was due so dont give up hope just yet coz it might just be a bit early still xx
  • Thanks Hilary you have given me hope x
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