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Not baby related but have any of you done a nursing degree?

Ive got an interview at Uni to get on the children's nursing degree, any advice on what I need to know/say at the interview would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck xxx image


  • hello...i had several different they asked qu's in regards to my personal astatemenet the other was a group intereview. I didnt do childrens ....however i guess u need to be well prepared as childrens there higher no of applicants.

    il have a think about it and see what i can remember...a while ago now!

    things like...
    1) why childrens nursing
    2) whats your experience
    3) why they should want you voer somebody else
    4)like fairy said...find recent news about childcare. I was asked something along the lines of are you aaware of anything in the news recently.

    il rack my brain (wats left!) for you... xxx

    p.s when is your interview? i have a friend who is a childrens nurse i can ask her for ideas...
  • Don't forget the classic "why do you want to be a nurse?". Your experience, why you want to nurse and in particular why childrens branch, how you'll cope looking after poorly children and their delightful parents (they're the worse than the kids!- am an adult nurse but we have kids on our ward as well as adults aged from 2- 18).

    Also how you'll cope with the shifts whilst on placement, doing the academic stuff- be aware that you'll probably not get time off during placement to do assignements (depends on course though) so you'll be effectively working full time and doing essays at the same time as well as looking after your own little ones.

    Also show an interest in the trust that you'll be working in- look at anything new htey may be implementing or any changes that might be happening, can have a look at NHS website too to look briefly at new changes within the NHS as whole.
    Don't get too hung up on that though but its worth being aware of some things I think. Read Nursing Times too for a bit of an idea. They'll be mainly looking at your personality, experience and qualifications really to see if you'll suit the job- have you done any auxillary nursing as thats a good step up.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine, just relax be yourself and think before answering xxxx
  • always the "good with children", "excellent communicator", "calm under pressure", " adapt to different situations", "excellent assessment skills"
    you are allowed to be human - you can be affected by poor outcomes etc - that would be the sensitive side of your nature which they would be looking for.
    in the group interview, you need to initiate conversation with other people - this is what they are looking for, -they wouldn't be interested in someone who couldnt do it on their own.
    good luck!!!
  • Hi. I wanted to be child's nurse but they didn't have the places after i had completed the 12 month common branch you do first. When they ask if you have any questions I would def ask how secure your place on the child branch is.

    I'm lucky, did the adult branch and now work in E.D and have regular contact with children from a nursing point but really enjoy the adult nursing too.

    Just relax, think of it as a regular job interview. Don't forget the usual... good listener, hard worker, team player, can use own initiative, can delegate jobs, awareness of own boundaries and limitations.

    Read the NMC Code of Conduct if you can (on the website) for some good phrases!!

    Don't get your knickers in a twist and you will come across just fine!!

    Good luck!!!
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