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I'm no longer ...

a POAS virgin

I am CD35 and last cycle was 34 days so I POAS this morning and BFN. not even a smige of a faint line.

I am ok about it just hope AF turns up soon as I am away next weekend for my birthday and I want it just to be me and DH. We haven't booked for extra vistors lol


  • Sorry about your bfn hunny, hoping for next month huh xxx
  • aw hun sorry to hear about BFN image
    hope AF or BFP turns up soon for you though image
  • Sorry to hear that hun. Have a fab birthday, and hope the witch does the decent thing and keeps away for the weekend! x
  • Oh no Mrs C, it's a slippery slope from here! You'll be bulk-buying from Access Diagnostic and forget what it's like to pee directly into a toilet soon.

    Good luck for next month!
  • Sorry about you BFN
    Best of luck for next time, keep smiling
  • hehehe wondered what you were gonna say then!
    Maybe its a little early for your bfp, aint over til af appears. Fingers crossed and good luck
    Filo x
  • Sorry to hear that Mrs C! Although as Filo says, its not over until AF arrives. Whatever happens - have a fantastic birthday - get practising your BDing!!!
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