ummm - buggy help?

what age do you stop using a pram/buggy for your child?

ttc number 2 at mo and curious to know when and how long i'd need a double for


  • I think it depends on how much walking your going to be doing. Isaac was born when Alice was 2 1/2 and i did have a double pushchair because I wasnt driving at the time and didnt think it was fair to her to expect her to walk the 3 mile round trip to town, obviously if you drive and are only going to be walking round the shops or short walks then you could maybe get away with a buggy board.
  • I bougth a Phil&Teds when my dd came along. I still put the 'spare' seat on now when we are going for long walks, and my son is three and a half! I love the fact that its so easy to go from single to double and back again! x
  • My daughter was 22 months when we had our lo and we had a double buggy as just did not feel safe her walking at the side of the pushchair and she was just too young for a buggy board as just kept jumping off so even though have not used the double buggy much as she always wants to walk now as is 2 and half it was defiatly worth it when we first had the baby as I felt safer walking knowing she was securly strapped in good luck x
  • you didn't mention how old your lo was? maybe you could experiment with how well your lo copes with walking by when you are out with your pushchair letting him/her walk and putting him/her in when s/he gets tired. my lo walked everywhere by time 21/2 but i'd often take pushchair in case i needed to walk fast/he played up/got tired. after the baby was born he played up a lot because he discovered i couldn't deal with him if he was liying on floor screaming and push a pram. the buggyboard was no good - awqward and he would just jump off as tigger66 said.
    I ended up putting noah in baby sling and zach in pushchair but novelty soon wore off for zach as he's a good walker and i could then put noah in pram and zach would walk. if he gets tired i sit him on the handles which is flat as it doubles as a drink cup holder/tray thing!
    my son is fairly well trained as he goes to a childminder once a week and she walks to school and back 3 times a day and sometimes then around the town or to the park. zach holds on to the pushchair and wouldn't dare deviate so its made it easier for me to incorporate the same rules. i did initially use reigns until i felt more confident and i think she had a wrist strap to ensure he couldn't go anywhere if he did run off. it depends on how much walking you do, how old your lo is and what money you've got available to invest in a double pushchair. i was too much of a skinflint to consider buying something for that ammount of money that i might not get much use out of and as it turns out didn't need. best of luck ttc no2 - have fun!!!!
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