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Can anyone recommend a good travel cot?

We are looking for something that will last, and that we can use as a play pen too (so it would probably stay up at home, unless we went away anywhere)
Any suggestions?
Thanks x


  • hi we have a graco one its really sturdy and well padded
  • We have the baby einstien one and its great. Very quick and easy to put up and down and very sturdy. We bought a mattress for ours so irs a bit comfier and Holly sleeps great in it.
  • We bought Boots own travel cot as it was anarrow one as we wanted it to fit in a caravan and its great, a little on the heavy side but my daughter sleeps in it inside her cot bed as we have taken the base out of the cotbed as its the only way she will stay in her cot at night and she loves it. I dont think any are very comfortable as the matresses are not very padded but that is the nature of the product but the Boots one was about ??49 which I thought was good good luck in choosing as there is so many to choose from x
  • We have this one from Mothercare...

    It has been great and will last until Isabelle is 2. The basinette bit has been great as she was only 5 weeks old when we first used it. It is really easy to put up and down (this was proven when we first used it as it was me and my MIL that out it up!!) and it folds back up well into its travel case.

    Good luck in finding one that suits you.
  • I have the Graco Contour Electra one and I find it very good.
  • I bought one from Kiddicare and it only cost ??28 its really good and sturdy. We had a hauck one b4 that which broke really quickly
  • We bought one of the traditional travel cots but found that it was too bulky for travelling as when it was combined with the pushchair the boot of the car was almost full. We have just purchased a samsonite travel cot ( and it is really small and light. We have just used it for a trip to Scotland and managed to erect it in all of the hotels which was good as one of the hotels wanted to charge 10 a night for cot hire.
    We are also going to take it abroad with us as it will allow Thomas to sleep in a familiar bed.
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