Heading for a fall.........Im scared x

Hi girls,

Hope you're all enjoying the weather, I've been out in the garden today with lo and finally got it nice and tidy our there.

Now im not sure what to do? Do I test tomorrow, monday or wait until im a few days late.

Im currently on CD30/31, now Im not sure of the cycle day as af arrived on 1st may at 10pm??!!

My cycles are quite irregular the shortest being 25 and longest 44 but going by mymonthlycycles my average is 32 days and most of my cycles have been 31/32/33 long.

So I could be due on sunday or monday.

I have been soooo good resisting to test as usually I test bfn then af arrives next day and get very dissapointed.

Were on month 7 but this month we have tried a lot harder and BD every other day and in the beginning I had so much PMA i was bursting but as this month draws to an end im getting rather nervous and starting to realise god we havent done it again.

I really am dreading a bfn or af arriving Im not looking forward to it at all.

I need some reassurance please girlies as im so scared I think I gave myself a bit too much hope this month and heading for a massive fall.

sorry its a long post but thanks for reading

xXx Fiona xXx :\)


  • Oh you have been so strong not testing.

    I would with my sensible head on tell you to wait and test when you are around cd33/34, with my non sensible head on then I would say POAS POAS POAS!!
    Good luck and I hope you get a BFP this month

  • Its just awful when you get near the end isnt it . The thought of getting that bfn is so scary cos thats the dreams over with. I hope you can hold out a few more days before you test-you've done so well so far. Sending you loads of pma. Good luck!!!!xxx
  • thankyou for replying

    gem1 - my sensible head is also telling me to wait but my not so sensible head urging me to POAS tomorrow.

    hjanea - i hope i can hold out a few more days too and yes it is awful and then i have to wait to ov again then on 2ww AGAIN and so on, very tiring

  • thanks mrs rich, posted at same time lol
  • Hi fiona, Im the cautious type and I hate disappointment, so if it were me I would wait until I had either reached or passed my longest cycle date. I know thats not what you wanted to hear, and I know you will prob think Im mad and that you have held out long enough, but that is just what I would do! Sorry to be such a bore! lol!
    Good luck for whenever you decide to test, I really hope its good news for you this month x
  • Hi CBL image I would say do what feels right. If you think now is the right time go for it honey. I am pleased now I never waited till AF turned up as I would of been really upset to just see it.

    K xx
  • Morning all,

    babybump - your not mad for saying that your being sensible which is what I should do really but i cant imagine having another long month like that and you're not a bore hun!

    K (CBL!) - what feels right is to wait until tues at the earliest to test providing af hasnt turned up. I would be really upset to see af but also upset to see only 1 line on a test.

    I definatly have missed my chance to test with fmu today so as long as I dont wake up with the urge tomorrow morning Ill be fine.

    good luck to everyone & lots of *************baby dust***********

  • Put the tests(and if you collect the fmu the container)somewhere it would take too long to get to first thing-a garage or shed if you have one. It may stop you frantically running outside to get them when desperate for a pee.LOL!
    Good luck!!xx
  • ok hjanea ill take them out of bathroom now, thanks xxx
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