Pain Pain Pain

Oh my god I have forgotten what it feels like to have a natural AF!!!! I am stuck in bed with a hot water botle stuck to my belly, lower back is killing me and I am bleeding sooooo heavy image I am still greatful though it has come back sooo fast but it really hurts image

K xxx


  • Its amazing how you manage to block out the memory of a bad one whilst on the pill!! Hope you feel better later on!xx
  • Oh im sorry she arrived K-lou, at least you know that your afs are back to normal after coming off the pill! Fingers crossed for next mth. Hope you feel better soon. xx
  • Thanks girls I have just booked tickets to see sex and the city at 10-15am this morning so I am hoping I can actually sit through it, Brave of me I know but I think it would cheer me up and take my mind of the pain.....she says!

    K cxx
  • Hope you enjoy it!!xx
  • Take some pain killers and your hot water bottle and enjoy! lol xx
  • My first natural bleed was heavy and painful. Same with this second one, but luckily only for the first day! Hope you enjoyed the film. xx
  • i'm just the same - i'd forgotten how painful it is... Heat patches are great - you can leave them on for about eight hours and they're as good as, if not better than, painkillers - or you can do both, which is what I do! Deep Heat ones are best cos you can stick them directly onto your skin - hope this helps!:\)
  • Ooh, I remember my first "proper" AF after coming off the pill - not nice at all. If it gets really, really painful and/or has clots, the doc can prescribe tranexamic acid which is completely non-hormonal and really eases the pain.
  • Thanks girls well I went to watch the movie and I loved it soooo much image

    I am bleeding to death though!!!! I feel rather faint but am home now on the sofa with hubby making me some food and a cuppa so I am in good hands image Might try that heat pad things that sounds good!

    K xx
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