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anyone on 2 week wait?

im due on 13th june!! anyone else? and amyone feeling any symptoms yet? xx


  • I am I am. 2 dpo today. Not going to symptom spot though as i feel it is torture
  • I'm on cd 24 so I'm assuming I'm on my 2 ww. My last cycle was 30 days so I'm hoping this one will be similar. I think I ov around cd16-18. Not going to symptom spot though coz it would drive you insane

    Good luck to everyone xx
  • I'm about 6/7DPO I think - going to test on Wednesday which is 3-days before AF is due.

    The wait is agonising!

  • I'm due to test 12th june,trying not to symptom spot but is very hard! I've had a twitchy left eye for 2 days,is that a symptom?!! lol x
  • Never heard of twitchy eye nikr, but you never know!!lol.
    I'm on day 3po and feel a bit sick and weak but its far too early to be significant. Af at most 14dpo so if not here by 14th may test. I'd really like to tell my dad hes going to be a grandpa again on fathers day!!
    Good luck to everyone on 2ww!xx
  • I'll join you as due to test on 12th and the wait is killing me!

    Might have to invest in a first response - what's the earliest you can test with those and how reliable are they?

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