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I'm a bad bad girl!!!!

OMG girls I could kick myself!!!!! Ive been feeling sick on and off for the last few days and couldnt hold it any longer I had 2 v early tests lying in a drawer( same as cheapie ebay ones only you pee on them, if you open it its the same strip inside) and in a moment of madness I peed on one and went to pick up ds ( this was after I came home from work so not fmu) . When I came back there was the faintest of vv faint lines, thing is I left it so long its prob an evaporation line!!! you really can barely see it at all, and Im only cd23. How am I going to be able to wait a week to test again and if its bfn I'll be gutted as it could even be a chemical preg as so so early. Im so cross with myself!


  • Naughty Fran go and sit in the corner! Lol

    Ok now repeat after me I will not test till Friday. Come on say it.

    (On the other hand TEST again tomorrow) lol xx
  • I will not test again til Saturday!!! As its day 28 and my cycle could be from 27-30 days. My shopping has just been delieverd from Tesco and guess what was in it? Yes 2 Tesco pregnancy tests :lol:
  • Oh honey it's so hard to resist the temptation isn't it, especially when you have them in the house, not that it matters too much as we would just go out and buy them anyway! I'm currently trying to force myself to wait until Wednesday to test again as I've been a naughty girl 3 times in the past 2 weeks!! x
  • Oh no lock them away till saturday be a good girl (but i bet you'll use them before then)

    jen xx
  • I hope you ordered the pregnancy tests and its not a psychic person at tescos!!! Good luck for saturday IF you can hold out that long!!xx
  • hehehe
    Personally i would test again tomorrow, because hun even if is a chemical pg you have already seen a + result so.......
    Test again in the morning, am sending my special sticky babydust and lots of PMA. Take care
    Filo x
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