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How do you cope ??

After my few day's of happiness where i thought there was a slim chance i was actually pregnant i have now got my AF. Just as my bulk buy of preg/ov tests landed on my door mat !!
I'm so dissapointed i cried myself to sleep last night , hoping when i woke up it wouldn't actually be happening.
How do you all cope with the disapointment each month??
Next month will be my 4th month of trying and i'm finding it so hard already :cry:


  • sorry to hear that honey!
    i have times when i want to scream & cry as well!!!
    i think the main thing i have been concentrating on is getting my cycles back to normal, they have been all over the place since coming off the pill in Jan to the point that i was glad to see the last one as cycle was 50 days long!!!

    when i get af or BFN i try to focus on what i am going to do better/differently next mth to help acheive BFP, its doesn't take away the disapointment but it does help me build back up my PMA in order to carry on!!!

    oh and i also come on here for a good rant, that usually helps get it out my system!!! lol!!!
  • Thanks hun xx
    I love it on here too, reading all the posts does help.
    wish i'd found this place sooner !!
  • i think it just makes you realise that your not alone or that maybe your not as bad off as it could be!!!

    so are you trying for your 1st?
    we are, and at first oh wasn't as bothered as me i didn't think but slowly he's been showing more of an interest and taking all the supplements i'm feeding him without any moaning!! - another one of my missions!! lol!!
  • I share the same feelings! Have been trying for 10mths now and it doesn't get any easier but you do find ways of coping. So excited to have found this site has giving me something to channel my negatives into positives.
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